Terms & Conditions


  1. Please check all spelling and punctuation on your wordage/guest lists/addresses! If there is a glaring mistake (eg: "New Yprk", "Mr. & Mrss. John Smith", "5th Avnue", "I lpve you"), I will correct it. But if it is an individual's name or street name, I will write exactly how it is given to me, as names can be spelled numerous ways and I cannot presume to know what is correct.
  2. If you are supplying stationary, please use a BOX for large items. Do not stuff stationery into a 'rigid' mailer. This is not safe as the stationery might get bent, crushed or wet. A box with ample padding will guarantee your stationery safety, and a USPS box will cost almost the same as a rigid mailer anyway.
  3. If you are supplying stationery for your event, your package and guest list must arrive to me at least a week before your scheduled start date on the calendar. Late packages may incur a rush fee if it starts to overlap your scheduled time. Tracking will come in handy.
  4. If you are suppling stationery for placecards or envelopes, please include at least 15% extra (or more!) in case of spoilage or last minute changes. If it always better to have extra just in case rather than the exact amount. You will receive everything back in the end, spoilage and all.