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If you have questions about what's included in an invitation suite, when to order your envelopes or anything in between you've come to the right place.  While this list is quite comprehensive you may still have questions, if so please don't hesitate to contact me!  If you're ready to get started, please fill out the Wedding Questionnaire.

Scroll through the frequently asked questions or use the links below to go directly to a category of FAQ.





What wedding services do you provide?

You can see a list of wedding services HERE.


Other than my envelopes and invitations, how can I incorporate calligraphy into my wedding?

You can incorporate calligraphy in various ways... signage, table numbers, programs, menus, favors, food signs, photo booth props, welcome bags - the list goes on and on.  


Can you design a wedding website for me?

Yes I can!  Please get in touch with me so we can discuss what you’re looking for!  


Do you have a minimum order requirement?

For wedding calligraphy there is a $45.00 minimum order.


Can you provide calligraphy goods for my bridal shower and bachelorette party too?

Most definitely!  I have quite a few clients that like a cohesive look when it comes to all wedding related stationary and goods.  Contact me and we can discuss your needs further!





Do you PROVIDE phone consultations when working with a client in the design process?

Yes.  Before I get started working on a project it is helpful to speak with clients directly.  After the phone consultation I will email you a summary of our conversation for you to sign off on and then I get to work.  A second phone conversation usually happens somewhere in the middle of the process to make sure all is going well.


I prefer to do all of my correspondence via email, is that okay with you?

Every person is different and I have no issues accommodating that.  I want each of my clients to feel comfortable and be able to communicate in whichever way they feel is best for them.


What services do you provide when it comes to wedding stationary design?

I provide full invitation suite design (this includes your invitation, rsvp card, and one additional details card), program design,return address design (mix of spot calligraphy and type), menu design and day of goods.


My wedding planner is handling my stationary, will you work with them directly?

Definitely!  I prefer to set up a time when the three of us can have a discussion and from there I can work directly with them.


Will I receive physical design proofs of my invitations, menus, programs, etc?

All proofs are digital and are sent via email.


Will I receive digital proof samples before I pay the non-refundable RETAINER FEE?

Due to the nature of custom calligraphy, a signed contract and paid non-refundable retainer fee must be taken care of prior to any starting any work. 


How many revisions are included?

Your invitation suite price includes up to three revisions.  Any additional changes will incur an additional design fee.


Do you offer printing services as well?

At this moment I do not offer printing services for invitations, menus, programs and thank you cards (basically any large grouping of paper goods that is not all hand lettered).  If you do not have a printer already, I am happy to give you referrals or I can send files directly to a printer on your behalf.


What if I am working with another designer for my invitations but would like some spot calligraphy (such as the names of the bride and groom), do you provide those services?

Absolutely!  Get in touch with me and we can discuss it further.


I know that I want my outer envelopes to be black.  Is there a different fee for dark colored envelopes?

Dark envelopes will incur a $.50 charge per envelope because they do require more time.


I have chosen colors that I would like to be used throughout my wedding, can you color match?

Yes I can.  There is a one time charge of $30.00 to color match per project.  


I saw something on Instagram that I really like, can you replicate it for me?

As an artist I will not and as a business practitioner I cannot.  It is illegal to copy another artists work, a law I am quite thankful for.  This also works in your favor, you will be receiving goods that are as original as you.  That being said I am 100% interested in seeing what inspires you.


I have a Pinterest board for my wedding and paper goods are on it, should I share that with you?

Yes, please!  It makes the design process flow smoothly when I know what look you’re going for and what style of details you have in mind.


When I send info to my florist and planner, can I include you?

Definitely.  We’re all working to make your vision for your big day come to life.


How should I format addresses, seating chart info, etc.?

Please review the guidelines on the Helpful Information & Tips page to know how to submit your information.





When should I mail my invitations?

The following is a typical timeline according to standard etiquette:

Save the Dates should be mailed out six to eight months before the wedding.

Invitations should be mailed out six to eight weeks before the wedding and eight to ten weeks for a destination wedding.


How soon in advance should I book your calligraphy services?

I highly recommend you book as soon as you know what services you’re interested in so that we can make sure I am not already booked and have the availability to meet your deadline.


How far in advance should I order my invitations?

Please allow four to eight weeks for invitation, RSVP, and additional details card design.  This timeframe depends on the level and scope of design.  The timeframe also depends on amount of revisions requested by client, three revisions are included in price.  After our initial consultation I will be able to give you a firmer timeline.


How soon after I start the invitation process can I expect a first proof?

After I receive a signed contract and non-refundable retainer fee I will provide you with a firmer timeline.  Generally, you can expect a first proof within five to seven business days.  In order to keep the project on time I request that you approve or provide any additional revisions within one to two business days of receiving your proof.


What is the turnaround for envelope addressing?

The current turnaround time for envelope addressing is seven business days per 50 envelopes, this timeframe depends on the project details and my schedule. Any order that is is due less than 15 business days from the date I receive a signed contract, non-refundable retainer fee, and necessary information and materials is considered a Rush Order.


What if I have a partial address list when I’m ready to sign the contract, but not the full list?

That’s not a problem, once the contract has been signed and the non-refundable retainer has been paid you can send me the list you have.  Please be sure to send me the remainder addresses as soon as possible in order to keep your project on time.


What is the turnaround for written goods such as escort cards / place cards?

The current turnaround time for written day of goods is seven business days depending on the scope of the project and my current schedule. Any order that is is due less than 15 business days from the date I receive a signed contract, non-refundable retainer fee, and necessary information and materials is considered a Rush Order.


I know I want to book your calligraphy services but I don’t have all the information needed to move forward, what should I do?

I can reserve a spot for you and get you on the schedule with a $150.00 deposit that will go toward your final invoice.  From the date I receive your deposit you have 12 business days to cancel and receive a full refund.  No refunds will be issued after the 12th business day.


*Please note, these timelines are meant to be used as a guide and can vary depending on the season and how booked my current schedule is.  Fill out the Wedding Questionnaire or Contact me for a more detailed





Do you offer rush orders?

I do accept rush orders based on my current availability and the scope of work. 


What constitutes a rush order?

Any order that is is due less than 15 business days from the date I receive a signed contract, non-refundable retainer fee, and necessary information and materials.  


What is the fee for a rush order?What is the fee for a rush order?What is the fee for a rush order?

Any project that is due less than 15 business days from the date I receive all necessary information and materials incurs a 35% of the total invoice rush fee.  If you have a project that is due in less than five business days it will incur a 55% of the total invoice rush fee.


*Please contact me as soon as possible if you have a rush order.  Every order is different and the timeframes vary slightly depending on what sort of project you are interested in.





Is a signed contract required to book you?

Yes, a signed contract signed by both parties is required to begin work on any project.  This enables both parties to see all timeline information and shop policies in black and white.


What If I need to make additions or corrections once the project has been started?

If the project is still in process please let me know of any additions or changes that need to be made as soon as possible.  If a change is for an envelope or place card please note that an additional per piece charge will be added to your invoice.  If the project has been completed and delivered, any additional names or changes will incur a $25.00 set up fee.


What if I notice aN error once I receive my goods?

Please be sure to proof everything as soon as you receive your package.  Let me know immediately of any mistakes or changes.  Any errors on my part will be corrected at no additional charge.  Any error on the client’s side (such as spelling errors, wrong addresses, incorrect zip codes, etc.) are the client’s responsibility and will incur a $25.00 set up fee as well as a the agreed upon price to correct them.


What is your cancellation policy?

If you need to cancel your order for any reason please notify me immediately.  Due to the nature of scheduling for these handmade projects, your non-refundable retainer fee will be forfeited.  I cannot refund this fee due to other projects that were turned down in order to complete yours. If you cancel after the project has been completed you will be responsible for those charges.  Returns are not accepted and I do not offer refunds due to the custom nature of all projects. 





Do you supply materials (for envelopes and place cards) or do I?

You can provide the materials and either ship them to me directly or have your vendor ship them to me.  If your vendor is shipping them please make sure they add your name to the notes so I know which client the materials are coming from.  If you would like me to purchase the materials I can do so.  You will be invoiced for the materials and tax + a 5% fee.


I’m not sure exactly what I need to order, can you help me with that?

Yes! Fill out the Wedding Questionnaire and from there we can discuss which envelopes would be most appropriate for your invitations as well as other papers for day of goods.


Do I need to order extra materials?

Yes, please order a minimum of an extra 20% of the total number of pieces you require.  If you are ordering 100 envelopes, please send 120.


Do you return any unused materials?

Yes.  Any unused materials will mailed vis USPS within 72 hours of your order being completed.





What payment methods do you accept?

We currently accept all major credit cards as well as personal checks.  Please note, a $75.00 fee will be charged for all returned checks.


How do I pay and do you require a deposit.

After we have agreed upon the full order I will send you an invoice.  A 50% non-refundable retainer fee and a signed contract is required to start on your project.  Once your order is paid for I will begin work.  Please note, if you are paying with a personal check I will begin work once the check has cleared.  Your contract will detail a final payment date that coincides with the date I mail or delivery your goods.


Why is a deposit required?

A deposit is required to secure your spot in my schedule and in order to pay for services I provide (I begin work after securing the non-refundable retainer fee).


Does your quoted price expire?

Yes.  Quotes expire 30 days after they are sent to clients.


Do you offer discounts if I order in large quantities.

I do not offer discounts because of the custom nature of the work.  Every piece still has to be individually hand lettered.



*You can find the current price list HERE.





Can I drop off my materials or meet up to have them delivered?

If you are in the Austin area we can most definitely arrange that.  I do thoroughly enjoy meeting my clients in person.


Do you ship nationally?

Yes I do!


Is shipping included in your prices?

Shipping is not included in the prices and is the responsibility of the client.  All shipping costs will be added to your final invoice.


Do you offer stuffing and mailing services?

You can have your goods delivered directly to me and I can assemble, stuff, and mail them for a fee of $1.50 per envelope.  Please note, this does not include postage costs.





Where are you located?

I am located in Austin, Texas.


Is all of the information I submit to you kept private.

100%.  Every name and address you provide will only be used for your specific project.  Once you receive all of your goods and we are certain there are to be no more changes I delete them.


I loved the calligraphy from my wedding so much, is there other ways I can incorporate it into my life?

Of course!  I offer a wide variety of calligraphy services.  If you can name a celebration I can give you some ideas.  Or if you’re looking for a great way to personalize a gift or stationary, we can work on that too!  Get in touch with me and we can go from there!


Do you offer any referral discounts?

Yes, I offer 20% off items in my shop (excluding custom orders) to any previous wedding clients that refer other wedding clients.  


Do you offer any workshops or PRIVATE lessons?

I do not have any workshops scheduled at the moment but I am available for one on one or small group lessons.  Contact me for more info.